Pull of gravity on an object

August 5, 2016

Amount of matter in an object

The downward pull of the weight of an object is the force that causes the downward acceleration of that object. Objects fall because of their weight.

Without air resistance an object on Earth will accelerate at a rate of 9.8 m/s2 as it falls.

Normally, falling bodies experience air resistance. With air resistance, this acceleration would be decreased as the object fell. Under these conditions the object could reach a terminal velocity and speed up no more.

Weight happens on any planet or moon.

An object would experience weight on any planet or moon. On the surface of the Earth's moon, for example, you would have a weight, you would feel the pull of the Moon's gravity.

Your weight on the Moon, though, would be one sixth of your weight on Earth. That is because the gravitational field strength on the Moon is much less than on Earth.

The term weight usually refers to the force of gravity near the surface of a planet or a moon.

We usually use the word weight to refer to the pull of gravity near the surface of a planet. How near? Well, for practical purposes, you can use the word weight for the pull of gravity if you are close enough to the surface so that it appears flat to you. This would be true for locations at ground level up to a few miles high.

Certainly the object in the picture above is not near the surface of the Earth. It does still, though, feel the pull of gravity due to the Earth, even at this and greater distances. This is the same force of gravity as weight. However, in situations like this the force of gravity is usually not called the weight of the object. It is simply referred to as the gravitational force on the object. It is a vector, and it is also normally symbolized with Fg.

Formula for weight

Acceleration due to gravity

When an object falls, it is pulled down by the force of gravity. This constant force, called the weight, causes the object to accelerate as it moves downward. This acceleration is the same for all bodies (all bodies on the same planet or moon), and it is called the acceleration due to gravity.

The acceleration due to gravity (on Earth) has a size of 9.8 m/s2. The symbol ag is often used for this acceleration, so we have:

Source: zonalandeducation.com
Gravity Pull
Gravity Pull

The ------ of an object is the pull of gravity on the object?

The weight of an object is the gravitational force of the Earth that acts on the object.

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