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April 24, 2015

Healing Force Project

Gravity's Shadow Book CoverThis 187 page book describes the career of the `Equinox Event’ – a sudden burst of energy seen simultaneously on the two giant LIGO interferometers at the time of the Autumn Equinox in 2007. For 18 months scientists argued, sometimes fiercely, about what it could be – did it have the characteristics of a real gravitational wave or not? Written in the form of a detective story the denouement comes as a surprise. In the course of the story the meaning of statistics is explored in a dedicated chapter and the book finishes with an essay on the state of science in the 21st Century.

Gravity's Shadow: The Search For Gravitational Waves

Who is Harry Collins?

H. M. "Harry" Collins is Professor of Sociology, Cardiff University, School of Social Sciences and Director of KES.

His complete publication list includes about 100 papers and books on: sociology of science relationship of humans and intelligent machines social nature of expertise.

Papers on Gravitational Waves

Abstracts of Ten Papers on Gravitational Waves are listed below. Abstract 8 will not become a full paper. The arguments and most of the material from these papers/abstracts have been woven into Gravity's Shadow.

Gravitational Time Dilation the Movie (Physics project)
Gravitational Time Dilation the Movie (Physics project)
Gravitational Forces Example (Student Project)
Gravitational Forces Example (Student Project)
The Blue Code Project - Temporal Dimension/Gravitational
The Blue Code Project - Temporal Dimension/Gravitational ...

How do you do a science fair project on saturns gravitational pull?

You can demonstrate how different the gravity can be on Saturn using a project for a science fair, but gravitation pull alone does not leave much room for interpretation. The project should describe and show what gravitational pull works and how it is different on Saturn, see for more info on the planet and possible ideas. !

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